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Building up the courage

8m high was the rock.

Paper knees, heart pumping in my throat, whole body throughly tense...

Can you feel it??

For 5 years now I worked my way up here.

I am not a reckless person. I get scared easily. And while I love to swim I hate to get my head under water - or to jump into the water, even just from the pool edge (and even more so without holding my nose). Yeah, that's me 🤷‍♀️

So what you see here is not an impressive video of boldness - it's my very personal I DID IT!!!

Be daring, step outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself, bla bla bla...

Yes, I know, you've heard it all a hundred times, and I have, too.

But overcoming your fears can be an essential part of starting and running a business.

It is something my clients need to face on a daily basis. Because founding, branding, getting out there and presenting yourself in the market are massive acts of courage.

And courage is build from fear and bravery, both equally important:

"Bravery puts you in the game; fear keeps you from doing something really stupid." (James Victore, Feck Perfuction)

Courage is something you can deliberately work on.

So, over to you:

  • How do you train your courage?

  • What's a suitable personal challenge for you to work on your professional bravery?

And if you would like some support, someone to jump into the deep and with you:

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