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About creativity.

Now, I am very shy about this.

I have been painting my whole life. As in: always. But it is a very private thing and I hardly show it to anyone other than my family.

Yet, it was a secret life goal to one day host a vernissage. Or, better even, exhibit my paintings in an extraordinary bar. To this effect I finally, after all those years, did an inventory of my paintings, created a portfolio, and of course a very efficient branding along with it. 😅

And even though this is a personal thing without any education or training, I draw a lot of my business skills from the same source. If there is one adjective that always came up in all of my letters of reference, assessments and evaluations, it is the term "very creative".

Now, as I have recently been told, people can EITHER be creative OR effective. But "effective", "structured" and "organised" are other terms by which I am consistently described.

People come to me for either structure or creativity - but mostly both. And all creativity techniques will teach you that there ARE structures to support creativity.

Where am I going with this?

Creativity doesn't come from nowhere.

Well, actually it does. It needs a bit of empty space, a bit of nowhere to form itself and take shape. And I love to both provide, create and fill that space.

If you are looking for a structured creative process, in either coaching, branding, learning, training or content design, get in touch.

AND mostly, please also do so, if you are or know someone with an inspirational bar looking for colourful XL-paintings (preferably somewhere around Graz 😁)

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